Golf Psychology and Performance Enhancement

Golf psychology and mental training is imperative to the success of a golf player.  The reason for this is that 90% of golf is played through your mind.  If one is calm, confident and focused on the game, his performance would be much better than a player who is tensed and uneasy.

To discipline ones mind is an art that can be learnt only through Golf psychology and mental training.  Golf psychology experts know precisely why one feels anxious as he plays.  They analyze the causes on one-on-one basis and suggest solutions.  One thing is sure, you cannot be a winner if you have a weak mind.

The physical training combined with golf psychology training will make you a great golfer.  Listed below are some tips:

  • You should focus on the shot that you are playing. Don’t think about the shots played.
  • Try visualizing the shot you are going to play next. It will make you play with a positive and a confident approach.
  • Believe in yourself and don’t worry even if you have played a couple of bad shots. Remember even great players play bad shots at times.
  • Just go out and play your game.

Several books have been written on golf psychology and how to master the mental game.  So whenever you get hold of a book by any great golfer or an expert dealing with how to train ones mind and play with a confident approach, do read it.  Try listening to other experienced golfers opinions and put them to practice.  Golf psychology can have a remarkable impact of your handicap since it is largely a mental game.